2016 Federation Calendar
Federation Hotline Number - 314-332-1288
A new, faster and better way to obtain Federation and sister club event information.
Dial Federation Hotline number  314-332-1288, and as prompted then the club extension.
The Midwest Swing Dance Federation is your first stop
to finding all the important Swing Dance information.

It doesn't matter what style; East Coast, West Coast,
Lindy, Jitterbug, Imperial.....you can find the dance
club of your choice.

With 10 area "sister" clubs, there's a choice, whether you attend one
or all the clubs, there's plenty of dancin' nearly every night in fun,
safe, and convenient locations for singles and couples!!!
Extension                        Club
800                Midwest Swing Dance Federation
802                St. Louis Rebels West Coast Swing Dance Club
803                South Side Imperial Dance Club
804                Lake Ozark Swing Dance Club
805                St. Louis Imperial Dance Club
806                St. Charles Imperial Dance Club
807                Jefferson County Swing Dance Club
809                West County Swing Dance Club
810                Jefferson City Swing Dance Club
813                Moolah Shrine Swing Dance Club